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PPC is a very common term used for Pay-per-click. It is a very well-known online advertising model, where an advertiser will pay a publisher whenever an advertisement link will be “clicked” on.

Generally, this pay-per-click model is considered an affordable SEO technique to generate traffic for any website. In short, the PPC is a basic concept for understanding digital marketing, but are you aware of how it works, and what are its advantages?

How does PPC work?

In this digital advertising model, the advertiser will pay a certain amount each time any user will ever click on any of their advertisements to visit their website. The main idea of this PPC campaign is for buying visits for any specific website. The objective is to generate a certain specific type of action from the user, such as buying or registering for any product.

PPC is although a very common option in Google ads management; however, for online campaigners, this is not the only payment model. Therefore, it is relevant to distinguish from others like:

  • PPM – The advertiser will pay a fixed amount if 1000 impressions are made, which means every time the ad is shown 1000 times to the users.

Remember, with this model; we may not know the amount we may pay for each visit because of difficulties in predicting the number of clicks each additional 1000 impressions can generate.

  • PPA – Here, the advertiser will pay for whenever the user will perform a certain action, e.g., each time any user may download an application. Hence, the link between objective and cost is even more evident in comparison to PPC.

Advantages of PPC

  • Pay only for the visits.

With pay per click model, there will be a direct link existing between the cost and performance (visits), whereas in any others, you have to pay for an ad.

  • Lots of information is available about the ad performance

The PPC platforms will offer the advertiser full information about the advertisement, including how many impressions, clicks, and conversions.

  • Good optimization possibilities

Due to the availability of all this data, you can easily know whether your ad is properly working or not. You can also correct it on a real-time basis.

  • The ads will reach the right audience.

You will not waste a single click because only those users who are interested will only see the ad. The higher your percentage of clicks, the advertisement cost will be lower.

  • You can precisely control your budget.

With PPC models, you can decide your maximum budget per day.

  • You can choose where your ad has to be shown.

You can display your ads on different platforms and choose what interests you more.

  • You can achieve better visibility and positioning

You can show your advertisements on some of the websites most visited by users, like search engines, any social networks, etc.

If you compare PPC with FaceBook ads management, you will find both are comparable; however, each has got its own market share.