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With digital music distribution platforms, just about anybody can sell their music now. If you are looking to sell music online, you can now easily do this with the help of digital music distribution platforms. This means that you can be like the likes of Drake, Alan Walker, Nicky Jam, BTS, Justin Bieber, and more. Online music distribution portals help you sell your music to millions of consumers without a record deal.

How does it work?

The power of technology has partially rendered most record and media companies useless. This means that just about anyone with an internet connection and their original music can make money easily. This can be done with the help of a digital music distribution platform. Many digital music distribution platforms can help you put your music on iTunes and many major digital streaming platforms. This makes it easier for you to make money from your music. The process can be done in the following steps:

1). Find a music distribution platform and sign up: To Get your music on Spotify, iTunes and many major streaming platforms, you will need to find a good music distribution platform. When you find one, make sure that it suits your needs and budget. If you like the platform, you can go ahead and sign up with them. An account to upload your music will now be assigned to you.

2). Upload your music: As soon as you have your account created, this means that you are all set to sell your music on Amazon, iTunes, and many major music distribution platforms. You will then have to upload the music file, the album art, and the music release information. Your uploaded music will be available on over 150 digital music streaming platforms. The best thing about this deal is the fact that you can upload an unlimited amount of music.

3). Set the price for each music: Once your music has been uploaded, you will need to set up the price for each music. The digital platform gives you the freedom to set the price you want for each music track that you upload. You can set prices based on the demand for your music.

4). Start earning real money: The last step in the process is the payment part. As soon as you get your music on TikTok, iTunes, and many major streaming platforms, you will start earning money in the form of royalties. Your music shows up on the biggest digital music selling and streaming platforms. You earn money each time someone streams or download the music tracks/files that you have uploaded. The more music you upload, the more money you earn.

5). Receive your payment reports: A reliable and trustworthy music distribution platform will send a monthly report about music royalties to all music owners. This report usually has the complete breakdown of your music sales activities for the month.

Benefits of selling your music through an online distribution system.

1). An easy and fast way to sell your music.

2). A chance to upload an unlimited amount of music.

3). Music owners get free UPCs.

4). No need to go through a record label.

5). Earn music royalties straight from the comfort of your basement/studio.