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Bra shopping is a frustrating experience for many. It can also be very traumatic. Many women are uncomfortable wearing bras that dig deep into their skin, slip off of their shoulders, and then fall off their bodies as soon as they get home. It’s all down to the lingerie boutique: If they don’t help you to find the right bra (or the right size), this will be the root cause of a lot. This will ensure that you get the best-fit bra possible. Simply put, women do not get the support necessary to get the help they need.

To ensure that you have the best possible experience, I reached out to three experts in bra fitting and styling. They provided a detailed rundown of things you should consider while shopping for a bra. All sizes of women can benefit from their advice. They have everything you need to know about bra components, how to spot a bra that is too small, or too large, and even the best ways to measure your bra.   Tips every bra-wearing lady should know, read on.

1. The band receives the bulk of the support.

Cups keep breasts in position, but the band does about 90% of the actual support. Strapless Bras exist for this reason. Even though it might seem that straps are for holding your bust-up, they serve to shape your breasts. If your cup and your band fit well, you should feel able to take a few steps and your bra will stay in place.

2. It is essential to determine your size and your “sister size strong

Experts suggest that women should know their true and sister sizes. If a bra does not fit in your regular size it might be suitable in your sister’s.

The rule of thumb says: “If you go up on the band, go down on the cup” and vice versa. A 32C can fit into a 34B or 30D, respectively. A 36B or 32D might be more suitable for you if you are a 34C.

Knowing the size of your sister can help you to adapt to brand differences. It can also be a useful resource if your “real size” is difficult to shop for. Sister sizing will work best for people with smaller bodies and larger cups sizes.

Consider the Debras Bras the best minimiser bra in Australia. It is designed to do three things: lift, separate, minimize. This bra sits higher up on the chest, and keeps your assets lifted and out front, yet under control.

3. it’s easy to determine your band and cup size using an equation.

Your bra size refers to the ratio of your cup measurement and your band measurement. A professional bra fitting at the boutique is a good idea. You can also measure yourself at home with some tape.

Two measurements are needed to measure at your home: the circumference of your abdomen and your bust. For your cup size, measure around your upper back, just below your nipples. The difference can then be subtracted. So, for example, if your bust measures 35inches and your under-bust or rib cage 32inches, you’ll be a32C. 35 minus 2 equal 3, which corresponds to the letter C of the alphabet.

4. If your breasts have two different sizes, you can round up.

It is quite normal to have one more breast than the others. Cora Harrington (lingerie expert and author Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie) suggests fitting the larger breast. You can improve the appearance of your breasts by adding a bra clip to the smaller one or by getting a bra with a removable pad and taking them out on both sides.

5. If bra straps are digging into your shoulders, it may be an indication that your cups are not large strong

Your breasts should not be protruding past the cup’s edges. This could indicate that your straps are carrying too much weight. Larger cups will likely be better for your shoulders.

6 the band is too big.

Your straps could also be digging into your shoulders if your band has too much tension. Have a look at your shoulders in the mirror. If your straps are pulling on your shoulder, or pulling down on your wrist, your straps may be too large or too long to do their job.

7. Your cups could be too big if your straps become loose.

Another sign is if you feel the center gore or the panel at the top of your bra between cups is floating. It should be flat against your chest. You might need to reduce your cup size if you feel the cups are too full.