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It is hot and humid in summer, so it is important to stay hydrated. Summer is a time when cooling devices and air conditioners are in high demand. Air conditioners can be quite costly and require high electricity bills to operate. This makes it very difficult to maintain. Air conditioners cool the room by circulating the air. This is not considered healthy. Perfect air coolers are considered more affordable and healthier than air conditioners.

Why Is An Air Cooler Important?

An air conditioner is necessary to combat the heat of summer. However, the economic and health benefits of an air cooler are equally important. Air conditioners are not expensive. You can save money on cooling costs and still get the same results. They are also more energy-efficient and therefore cost-effective over the long term. They are also environmentally friendly. They are healthier than air conditioners, and they don’t release any toxic chemicals into the air.

It isn’t easy to choose an air cooler. You need to consider many factors, including the size of your cooling area, water tank capacity, cooling pads, features, and budget. There are so many options available on the market today, both online and offline. Here are some various types of air coolers and the key features you should consider when buying one.

Types Of Air Coolers

Air coolers are classified according to their size, shape, capacity, and design. Many features can help you choose the right air cooler. It is essential to understand the differences between air coolers so that you can choose the right one for you. These are the types:

Desert Coolers

Desert air coolers have a large tank capacity and a powerful motor. They are ideal for areas with dry climate conditions. They are ideal for large areas due to their superior air throw. With their large tank capacity, they can run for hours and cool an enormous area. They are usually installed near the window to cool the whole indoor space. However, smaller desert coolers can be kept on balconies to blow air inside. Smaller coolers have wheels to move around.

Tower Coolers

These coolers look sleek and stylish. These coolers can be easily fitted to small spaces. They are tall and can also be used for spot cooling, as their name implies. These coolers are ideal for offices, shops, restaurants, and other commercial uses. These coolers have a movable trolley as a standard feature to make them more mobile and consume less energy.

 Duct Coolers

The duct cooling cooler is extremely efficient. It has cooling pads on each side and a fan at the top. This cooler design is named because the air from the fan is directed to the front using a small L-share duct section. These coolers can be installed indoors or in windows to save floor space. If they are to be used indoors, they should be placed so that the coolers draw air directly from the outside and circulate it inside. These are ideal for small spaces such as study rooms, hostel rooms, and small shops.

Key Features To Consider

Listed below are some key points to consider when buying coolers:

Water Tank Capacity

The room’s size will determine the capacity of the cooler. A cooler that has a large water tank capacity can cool for longer periods. A cooler that has a large water tank capacity is best if you need to cool large spaces.

Cooling Pads

Cooling pads come in many different styles and materials. The most common cooling pads are honeycomb and wood wool. Each pad has its benefits and drawbacks. Honeycomb pads should be preferred for coastal areas, while wood wool pads should prefer for hot and dry regions.


In the past, coolers were heavy and took up a lot of space. There are many options now, with different sizes, shapes, and heights. You can accommodate even small spaces.

Room Size

You can choose from different types of coolers depending on your room size and cooling needs. When buying a cooler, it is important to consider the space.


Different coolers are available in various price ranges. Some even have advanced features. It is easy to find the best cooler model for your budget.

If you’re looking to stay cool this summer, an Evaporative Air Cooler is a great option. These units use the principle of evaporation to transfer heat away from the surface that it’s cooling. They’re quiet and efficient, and they can be installed almost anywhere in your home.